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Allow sufficient time for real learning

Author Biography

Mike O'Kane holds a master's degree in Systems Science (specializing in Advanced Technology) from Binghamton University. He has over seventeen years experience teaching computer science courses and currently teaches at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College (A-B Tech) in North Carolina. He also has extensive practical experience in the use of technology for learning, having worked at IBM as a short-course developer, NC State University as an Instructional Coordinator, the University of North Carolina system as the first Executive Director of the UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Collaborative, and for A-B Tech as Interim Director of Online Learning. Before moving into technology, Mike worked in the arts and continues to paint and write in his spare time.


Master of Science, Advanced Technology, Specializing in Systems Science, Binghamton University, GPA 4.0, 1988. Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sheffield College of Art and Design, Sheffield, England. 1978. For more information, please visit Mike's Web site